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Kit Engine Rebuild OEM

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Looking for a Rebuild Kit for the engine? We specialize in Japan cars and we have not only Aftermarket kits but also OEM.

We are the benchmark of Honda parts and we also treat Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota a lot.

in this section you will find OEM Rebuild kits, 100% original.

Kit Rebuild Complete Mazda Rx8 OEM Genuine Parts
New -9 %
Brand: Mazda Model: Rebuild Engine Rx8
This Rebuild Kit is compatible with Mazda Rx8 192HP 231HP 250HP R3 4Port 6PortThe kit includes:-GOOPY Apex seals X 6 -Apex seal spring short X 6-Apex seal spring long X 6-Side Seal X 12-Side Seal Spring X 12-Corner Seal Plug X 12-Corner Seal Spring x 12-Water seal Inner X 4-Water Seal Outer x 4..
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