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In this section, you can find Turbo, Volumetric and Centrifugal Kits. Various brands such as HKS, Tomei, Garrett, Rotrex.
Entrusted to Track Frame Motorsport, the motorsport specialists
Brand: HKS Model: GT Full Turbine
HKS GT FULL KIT TURBO GT1000HKS is challenging for the high performance concept of HKS R35 GT series. And we have set the goal of 1000 horse power with GT1000! For the extream power and performance, the GT800 design of "symmetrical layout" has succeeded to the new GT1000.FeaturesGT1000 has succ..
Ex Tax:15,146.40€
Brand: HKS Model: GT Full Turbine
GT FULL TURBINE KIT GT II 7460for SILVIA S14/S15 FEATURENew Design GTII 7460Highly-reputed GT2835R kit was redesigned to the kit with newly designed GTII 7460 turbine.New kit has more advantages under high speed range and maintain handiness like GT2835R.Cast ManifoldThe same cast manifold inclu..
Ex Tax:3,606.00€
Brand: HKS Model: GT Full Turbine
GT FULL TURBINE KITHKS CZ200S (CZ4A) recorded 59"495 (radial street tire) at Tsukuba Circuit with it.FeaturesNew GT3240 turbine with A/R0.73.Boost and power drop at high rpm with stock turbine will be solved.The turbine is mounted on stock exhaust manifold with heat proof steel adaptor.Because of it..
Ex Tax:4,992.00€
Brand: HKS Model: GT Full Turbine
HKS GT800 FULL KITR35 GT-R goes to the ultimate speed range...For the ultimate performance, HKS' in-house design and manufacturing GT II Turbine with "Symmetry Twin Turbo Layout" with the latest technology made it. As the total performance products manufacturer, HKS does not just develop a product, ..
Ex Tax:10,764.00€
GT SPECIAL FULL TURBINE KIT GT3037SLANCER EVOLUTION7, 8, 8MR, 9, 9MR (CT9A)FeaturesFull Turbine Kit that includes Suction Pipe and Chamber Pipe with all other parts in Set Up Kit.Turbine : GT3037S (56T A/R 0.87)Boost Pressure: 107.9 – 137.3kPa (1.1 – 1.4kgf/cm2)Horsepower: GT3037S : 480PS* Test resu..
Ex Tax:5,992.80€
Brand: Tomei Model: Tomei Arms
Tomei Ams MX7960Specifically For The Hyundai Genesis.The 400+ HP Bolt On Turbo Kit.ith the main points addressed "Outstanding Performance", "Reliability" & "Affordability", our new ARMS Turbos gets a warm welcoming by end users. After passing all the extensive extreme testing phases, the long aw..
Ex Tax:1,944.00€
Brand: Tomei Model: Tomei Arms
Tomei Kit Turbo Arms Mx7960F FLAT PRIMARY EXHAUST PRESSUREThe initial spool characteristics is just right, with a seamless linear power curve that matches the engines RPM with the power output. This gives the best drivability results. MAINTAINING OUTPUT EVEN AT HIGHER TUNED LEVELSWith the ..
Ex Tax:1,944.00€
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