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In this section you can find sports catalysts, central, for your car.

Brand: HKS Model: Center Pipe
HKS SpecificationIt's more big in pipe diameter which let the exhaust gas smoothly to the muffler and have better engine performance.We used SUS304 that has durability and great appearance.GRF: Close noise level Stock:L84 R83 LEGAMAX Premium installed:L89 R88GRB: Close noise level 84dB (LEGAMAX Prem..
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Brand: HKS Model: Center Pipe
HKS SpecificationThe Large diameter of our center pipes improves exhaust gas flow to the muffler. Engine performance will be improved along with sound. All our center pipes are made with durable and good looking with SUS304.Close noise level91dB (LEGAMAX Premium installed),Installable after minor ch..
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Brand: HKS Model: Center Pipe
HKS Exhausts SpecificationsExperience in engine tuning, unparalleled by the competition.The fruit of many years of engineering, HKS exhausts have undergone many demanding tests in order to offer reliability, performance, quality, great sound and finish, all of which are far superior to OEM parts. Ea..
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Brand: HKS Model: Center Pipe
HKS SpecificationCenter Pipe used for GT570/GT600 Racing Package.We have reduced the exhaust resistance by taking out the 2nd catalyzer and make the catalyzer straight for best result.There are 2 type, one with the silencer and one without the silencer.It's for racing only because there is no cataly..
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Brand: HKS Model: Center Pipe
HKS SpecificationLegamax and Sport Exhaust Systems are designed to reduce backpressure and increase exhaust flow for greater peak power and a broader torque band. Each Legamax and Sport Exhaust application utilizes a specific muffler design and shape along with the appropriate piping diameter to mai..
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