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Head Stud Engine

When increasing the compression of an engine or increasing pressures, one of the necessary changes is the replacement of the head pins, this because traditional studs tend to stretch and break.

One of the most famous and reliable brands is ARP.

Brand: ARP Model: ARP PRO
ARP Pro Series cylinder head studs are cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity. They're heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining. ARP Pro Series kits are also available with 12-point nuts, and all kits come complete with hardened parallel washers for an even load distribution and accurat..
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Brand: ARP Model: ARP PRO
Kit Rod ARP Nissan GTR 35 VR38DETTA large number of connecting rod manufacturers have chosen ARP bolts as standard equipment. They’re proud to advertise their products as being equipped with ARP rod bolts. And for good reason. The “weak link” in a connecting rod has always been the bolt, and racers ..
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