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Complete-Conservative Restoration of Cars and customizations

Complete-Conservative Restoration of Cars and customizations

Complete restorations and customizations are carried out.

We always try to interface with the customer and stay in constant contact with videos and photos to reach the desired level, a continuous exchange of ideas is the basis for an excellent job, from the choice of color, to structural modifications and improvements, modifications to dashboards and dashboards , spare parts and accessories created by means of 3D printing, on request we treat the painting through cataphoresis to have the absolute best. We have external collaborators such as body shops, wrapping companies, 3D scanning, creation of completely custom-made alloy wheels where it is possible to design a completely unique and lightweight product in CAD-CAM. We have no limit.

We usually offer 3 types of restorations and/or improvements

-Conservative restoration
It is a restoration that involves the dismantling of all components, such as the engine, engine cradle, rear axle, arms, gearbox, exhaust and all the mechanical parts underneath the car.
Once the underlying mechanics have been completely removed, the subsequent operations are as follows.
-Complete cleaning and arrangement of the engine compartment
-Cleaning and sanding of the car bottom
-New bottom with 3M anti-noise with color chosen if black-grey-white-beige, to respect the original colors of the parent company
-Sanding and polishing of all stainless steel parts, such as exhaust manifolds, complete exhaust, etc
-Sanding and paint-based protection on arms and parts in cast iron or other ferrous alloys, with single-component paint with a thick layer or powder paint
-Polishing aluminum parts
-Sanding of mechanical parts such as half-shafts-differentials and complete painting
-Mechanical control and mechanical tolerances
-Check electrical wiring and sensors
-Check and possible replacement of bearings - joints such as heads - uniball if present
-Check the braking system and replace parts if necessary
-If there is any problem such as a laundry discharge line, or other damaged mechanical parts, we proceed with TIG welding or with the replacement of the piece if it cannot be recovered
-Complete external polishing with possible detailing and protection upon customer choice.
-The car is delivered completely serviced of all fluids, engine, transmission, brakes, and final general check for putting on the road
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Complete restoration
-The car is completely stripped both in the front mechanical part, of the engine, of the transmission, of all the mechanical parts, of all the sensors and internally everything is completely removed, including seats, dashboard and carpet. At the customer's request we can also remove the glass and get to the chassis and then carry out a galvanic bath to remove complete rust on the entire car. Subsequently we will proceed with the entire painting of the chassis using cataphoresis or powder painting and only after the car is ready again will we proceed with the assembly of the parts, with attention to every detail and painted. If there is damaged upholstery, we rely on our external collaborators for the remaking of leather, Alcantara and other fabrics with possible customization chosen by the customer. In addition to the chassis part, we also take care of the possible reconstruction of the engine if damaged or with mileage and of all its mechanical parts. In a complete restoration we can cover 360°, from the chassis to the mechanics, to the preparation with various improvements and additional functions that the car does not come with as standard. All this to meet every type of need.
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Restoration with improvements
At the customer's request, in addition to the restoration to bring the car back to complete order, beautiful inside and out, we also take care of installing better aftermarket products. For example, many times it happens that we have in our hands products that are very damaged and no longer recoverable, such as brake calipers, or crooked arms that the car manufacturer no longer produces. In this case we can install better, lighter and more performing products. In fact, taking the swinging arms as an example, the standard ones are usually made of ferrous and cast iron material which can sometimes be found crooked and rusty, in this case they are replaced with a completely new product in powder-coated steel which offers many more adjustments such as camber , incidence and convergence, adjustments that the parent company offers in a very limited way. For the brakes, however, we opt for an oversized Ergal brake system with 4 or 6 or 8 pistons with a separable disc and metal braided hoses to offer a greater feeling when braking and a long life. On some cars that are born with a completely analogue instrument panel, we add sensors to be able to learn much more data and transform the dashboard from analogue to digital with the addition of being able to read the engine parameters directly from your Android smartphone or with a tablet integrated into the dashboard to have everything in sight. Ability to 3D print an entire dashboard in one piece where possible or in 2 pieces if very complex, eliminating some superfluous functions and adding other fundamental functions. Possibility to prototype and create some Carbon products with perfect assembly without any modification on the car side. These are just a few examples of what we do.
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