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ECU Tuning Setup - TCM

ECU Tuning Setup - TCM

We make use of the best instrumentation necessary to interface with the standard ECU, be it engine or AT gearbox ECU or Motorsport Link-Ecutek-EcuMaster-Aem ECU with simplified or OEM wiring
Offered services
Road car: Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 with installations of mechanical parts.
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Deactivation of AdBlue - EGR - DPF - DTC - ADBLUE systems
It is well known that some functions on standard cars such as EGR-DPF or the ADBLUE system are systems adopted by car manufacturers to reduce CO2. Suffice it to say that EURO 0 engines function today without any problem after 30 years, this is because the EURO 0 engines were not equipped with any system to block the c02. The systems that block CO2 are in fact plugs for the engine while the EGR concerns making the engine breathe badly. In fact, the EGR has the function of taking part of the exhaust gases and therefore fumes which should be discarded and expelled and reintroduced into the intake, this means that the engine takes 2/3 of oxygen and 1/3 of exhaust smoke with all the appropriate sludge that forms in the intake or even worse in the intake valve seats. DPFs, on the other hand, are similar to catalysts which have the function of plugging the exhaust gases and blocking major fumes, of which the regeneration of the DPF or OPF occurs while driving. The ADBlue system, on the other hand, is another "brilliant" idea for blocking exhaust fumes. Essentially there is an injector downstream of the exhaust where this substance is sprayed and nebulized which, mixing with the fumes, becomes heavy and is released to the ground and no longer in the air. This substance has the ability to harden after a few hours, this means that the Ad Blue liquid tank, if kept empty or below the level for just a few hours, hardens, creating flakes which, upon reaching the injector, are blocked, sending the ECU into recovery. motor. These systems are obviously created by car manufacturers so that they can increasingly run the economy in authorized dealerships and workshops. By eliminating these systems, however, the car breathes much, much better again, acquiring greater liveliness, with a quieter engine and a cleaner engine, with lower consumption.
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Car Racing
-Stand Alone ECU installation
-Motorsport wiring
-Racing maps on Rotronics or Bapro counter
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There are no safe horses and NM, each case is different. This is our policy. Be wary of those who tell you 30-35 hp with a map, generally yes, but we work on the original file of the car after having made a backup, while many others work with packaged packages. What does it mean? Can an engine with 300,000km with a turbo with the same km give the same results as an engine with 30,000km? NO. You must always work with the state of wear of the mechanics, this is to do the job safely, otherwise after a short time you will start to have problems with the turbo, with the torque converters if the AT gearbox, with the bushings, with the chain tensioners, etc. Each case must be taken and examined. Anyone who promises you a CV without having seen the car is LYING. We prefer to be transparent and exhaustive about this.

Some examples of road cars mapped by us with 100RON, ECU+TCM
-Alfa Giulia 2.2 Q4 210HP OEM--->247HP
Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI 340HP OEM--->380HP
Audi TT 8N Quattro 180HP--->205HP
BMW serie 325d 224HP OEM--->250HP
Cupra Leon 2.0 TSI 300HP OEM--->345HP
Mercedes C 300D 231HP OEM--->261HP
Mercedes GLK 350CDI 265HP OEM--->297HP
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 295HP OEM--->330HP

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