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Japan Racing Japan Racing Japan Racing JR21 17x7 ET25 4x100/108 Hiper Black Jr21

Japan Racing JR21 17x7 ET25 4x100/108 Hiper Black Jr21 Japan Racing  by
Japan Racing Japan Racing Japan Racing JR21 17x7 ET25 4x100/108 Hiper Black Jr21
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  • Model: Jr21
  • Weight: 16.00kg
  • Dimensions: 120.00cm x 80.00cm x 60.00cm
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Japan Racing Wheels Alloy Wheels
Company and a bit of history.
Japan Racing is a brand specialized in alloy wheels, active and present on the market since about 2008, owns about 40 models of which more than 2000 varying between color and size. The strengths of the JR are, reliability of the materials used, Design. and affordable price compared to TOP Brands such as BBS, Volk, Work, WedsSport, etc. These last Brands in fact offer other features, but the cost of 1 set is around € 2500. Japan Racing was born as a manufacturer of some products very similar to the TOP Brands, for example JR3-Volk Rays TE37, JR10-BBS. Over time, Japan Racing has expanded the catalog by adding many models to meet all customer needs.

In all these years of activity, we as a company have never had problems neither during installations nor during both road and sports use. We have installed several Japan Racing models on many sports cars for both Circuit and Drift with excellent customer satisfaction.
Certifications and possible homologation
The Japan Racing rims do not have NAD homologation, while they are only provided with the TUV Austria. We can say that for the homologation of larger sizes, the only brands enabled are OZ-Fondmetal-MAK, or the OZ Racing group. Japan Racing rims CANNOT BE USED TO HOMOLOGATE LARGER SIZES. Japan Racing products are used on the road KEEPING THE TIRES ASSEMBLED WITH THE SIZES SHOWN IN THE BOOKLET, in fact the tire size is shown in the booklet. This procedure is valid for the Italian State, but we have several customers in Europe who have approved the Japan Racing rims as in some European countries it is enough to be in possession of the TUV certificate.
JR Catalog and Regulations
The JR catalog is divided into two product categories. There are Ready to Ship products and products where processing by Japan Racing is needed. Ready to Ship products are those products that are already born with PCD-Canale-Offset, for example when we see a JR product for example, JR21 17x8 ET35 4x100 / 108, it means that it is a product ready for shipment and therefore with those precise measurements . When, on the other hand, we see a product for example Jr21 17x8 ET 20-35 BLANK, it means that it is a rim that needs machining as the customer can choose between ET which starts from 20 up to ET35 with 1mm steps for example ET29, as well as custom PCD drilling, in fact in the first case the rim is born with double drilling 4x100 / 108 while in the second case there will be 1 single drilling chosen by the customer, from 3x112 to 6x139.7.
The processing times for BLANK or customized rims are 14 days.
The Cost for the Customization of the Circle is 25 € + VAT each
We offer the installation service with the use of high precision tire changers and laser balancer, in order to offer the maximum service even for 22 "rims with low profile tires. The cost of installation varies according to the diameter.
Diameter from 15" to 17": 15€ + VAT each
Diameter from 18 " to 20": 20€ + VAT each
Diameter from 21 "and over: 25 €+ VAT each
It is possible to install new tires directly on the new rim, we treat Toyo, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Michelin, Federal, Zestino, Nankang.
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