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BBK 6POT 304mm x 26mm Honda S2000 AP2 03-06 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm YS02-HD-02A-021 - Yellow Speed Brake

BBK 6POT 304mm x 26mm Honda S2000 AP2 03-06 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm YS02-HD-02A-021 Yellow Speed Brake Yellow Speed Racing  by
BBK 6POT 304mm x 26mm Honda S2000 AP2 03-06 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm YS02-HD-02A-021 - Yellow Speed Brake
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Yellow Speed Brake
  • Weight: 30.00kg
  • Dimensions: 40.00cm x 40.00cm x 40.00cm
  • SKU: YS02-HD-02A-021
Ex Tax: 1,732.80€

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Yellow Speed ​​Increased Brake Kit
The "Yellow Speed" Increased Brake Kits are an excellent alternative to Brembo, Alcon, etc.
The Yellow Speed ​​Kits are designed for "street sports" use and circuit use.
This increased brake kit offers optimal braking performance, attractive aesthetics, ease of installation and very affordable price.
We are proud to say that all the components we use in the kits are first choice material to guarantee the durability and strength of the product.
Yellow Speed ​​Brake Kits offer the same powerful braking performance as Top Brands but at half the price.
The Yellow Speed ​​Racing Kits are an excellent upgrade for any high-performance car for both road sports use and dedicated track use,
Compatibility Brake calipers and disks
Choose between 4-6-8 pump sizes, in a wide range of sizes and customize your car with the variety of colors available.
No company offers this choice of colors, including paint or anodizing treatment.
The Yellow Speed ​​Kits are compatible with normal pads available on the market such as, Ferodo, Brembo, EBC, PCF and much more.
Disc quality
The Yellow Speed ​​brake discs, in addition to being separable, are made of cast iron with a high carbon content. This makes them
temperature resistant and light. The ergal bell helps dissipate heat as well as reduce weight.
Less weight on the discs results in the car's responsiveness. Grooved discs help keep the friction surface of the pad clean.
Convenience of being able to replace only the braking band of the disc, when it will be consumed.

Content Package
The kit includes: brake calipers, disassembled disks, brackets, aeronautical pipes, sports road pads, bolts, grease, manual.
Be sure to specify the make, model and year of your car along with any other information in the section provided at the time of payment.
Yellow Speed ​​builds and assembles the various components at the time of the order, therefore any error on the part of the customer will not be subject to reimbursement.
Timetable for receiving the item about 3-4 weeks from crediting.
Please note: The oversized brake kit is designed for your car, but you need to take the overall dimensions into account, given the brake caliper and larger discs of the OEM.
Please note: Pay attention to the type of circle used, for example inverted channel or high offset circles are contraindicated.
To keep in mind
Available in the following sizes:
286x26-4Pot - 15 "wheels
286x26-6Pot - 16 "wheels
304x26-4Pot - 16 "-17" wheels
304x26-6Pot - 16 "-17" wheels
330x32-6Pot - 17 "wheels
345x32-6Pot - 18 "wheels
356x32-6Pot - 18 "wheels
380x34-8Pot - 19 "-20" wheels
405x36-8Pot - 20 "wheels
Caliper dimension and Weight
kit 286mm x 26mm 4Pot (239mm x 74mm - 4.3KG Pair)
Kit 304mm x 26mm 4Pot (293mm x 81mm - 4.3KG Pair)
Kit 330mm x 32mm 6Pot (293mm x 81mm - 5.7KG Pair)
Kit 345mm x 32mm 6Pot (293mm x 81mm - 5.7KG Pair)
Kit 356mm x 32mm 6Pot (293mm x 81mm - 7.0KG Pair)
Kit 380mm x 34mm 4Pot (351mm x 95mm - 9.1KG Pair)
Kit 405mm x 36mm 8Pot (351mm x 95mm - 9.1KG Pair)

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