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EcuMaster Black Wiring - Black Wiring

EcuMaster Black Wiring Black Wiring Ecu Master  by
EcuMaster Black Wiring - Black Wiring
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  • Model: Black Wiring
  • Weight: 5.00kg
  • Dimensions: 30.00cm x 30.00cm x 30.00cm
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Universal wiring for easy installation with Ecu Master Black Edition.

The kit consists of FLRY cables suitable for the automotive industry. An EMU connector is installed at the end of each cable.

The total length is 2.5m, with 3 harnesses for a total installation of the ECU Black

* this harness is only compatible with Ecu Black to this Link Ecumaster EMU Black

The Kit contains:
1 Coil with 34 0.5mm cables
1 Coil with 17 cables of 0.75 mm
1 Coil with 10 x 1mm cables

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