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Oil Engine Bardahl Engine Oil BARDAHL XTR RACING 39.67 20W60 XTR

Engine Oil BARDAHL XTR RACING 39.67 20W60 XTR Bardahl  by
Oil Engine Bardahl Engine Oil BARDAHL XTR RACING 39.67 20W60 XTR
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Bardahl XTR 20W60
Premium racing lubricant. The use of high-quality synthetic bases and special high polymers
stability allows to achieve extraordinary performance in all racing departments.

High performance petrol, naturally aspirated and supercharged engines
High performance diesel engines and direct injection turbodiesel
Where do we use it?
The Bardahl XTR 20w60 is an excellent product both for road use but specific for Racing use. The Bardahl XTR offers greater protection than the XTC formula,
inside we in fact have a mixture of Fullerene and PolarPlus greater than XTC
We insert XTR 20w60 on Turbo engines but also aspirated, for Circuit use and for very high performance.
It is often used on Turbo track applications, where temperatures are much higher and the protective film is higher.
Greater longevity and cleanliness for all engine parts
Easy starting and immediate lubrication at low temperature, being 20w60, we recommend heating the oil well before putting the engine under load.
Resistance to thermal degradation and toughness of the film of lubricating oil even in the most severe conditions of use.
100% synthetic formula
The exclusive Bardahl Polar Plus anti-friction FORMULA - Fullerene for a triple layer of protection: a lubricating film
surface, an area of ​​polar molecules plus Fullerene c60 molecules as a final protection mechanism.
Polar Plus forms a lubricating molecular film which, by fixing itself chemically on the metal, creates a barrier
permanent protection drastically reducing friction on all parts of the engine. Fullerene molecules
c60 act as micro-ball bearings which, interposing between the metal parts, further reduce
friction by increasing engine power. Fullerene c60 added to the Polar formula
Plus ensures significantly superior performance compared to conventional lubricants.

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