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Pair Spacers Wheels Customizable HUB

 Pair Spacers Wheels Customizable HUB
Pair Spacers Wheels Customizable HUB
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  • Model: Distanziali Ruota personalizzabili
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • Dimensions: 30.00cm x 30.00cm x 30.00cm
  • SKU: TF06957
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Track Frame Motorsport

-Customizable wheel spacers.

-We create the perfect spacer for every need.

With our CNC Lathes and Cutters we can create spacers of any thickness, diameter,

internal centering diameter, external centering diameter (rim), center distance between holes, centering height Outside (rim)

-Possibility of having a single or double drilling.

--The external centering on the rim side, has a height of 6mm.

-As an outer diameter, we recommend the same diameter of the inside of the rim or the brake disc bell.
-Kit Include: 1 Pair Spacers

Material: Aluminum

Times: 3-4 days for the construction, from the receipt of the accreditation.

On request also anodization + 14 days.

For this made-to-measure item, the bank transfer is accepted only as a payment method.

NB: Like all types of wheel spacers, this product is not approved for road use.

Advice on completing the order

A-B: Total diameter of the spacer. It is advisable to follow the diameter of the inside of the rim or the bell disk.

C-D: Internal centering diameter. It is advisable to check the centering of your hub using a caliper.

E-F: External diameter to be applied to the spacer.

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